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Friday, January 15, 2021

 Good 'ol Amazon, getting us through this crazy upside down time, haha! 

I have been scouring Amazon for some great Kitchen finds! I'll go through a bunch of them here and link them but if you don't want to scroll and look at all the things here, you can CLICK HERE for my list on Amazon.

THIS APRON it's only $11, has pocket and is SO CUTE! I have a couple more options linked in my Amazon shop! Soo if you don't love this one, head over there and check the others out!

THIS DRINK DISPENSER It's $27, has two 1-gallon glass dispenser and perfect for a cocoa bar in your home, or for party drinks!

THIS WOODEN SPOON One of my friend actually makes these and she sells them on Amazon! They are $15 each, and have hilarious sayings on them. I have a few linked in my Amazon shop!

THESE SOAP DISPENSERS  I mean, you can use the bottles you get from the store OR you can get these and have fancy soap. Your choice.. Haha!! 

THIS KITCHEN SIGN Especially if you have a farmhouse style kitchen! It's the perfect addition! Plus it's only $20!

WEEKLY MENU SIGN  Does "Mom, what's for dinner?" get repeated at least 20 times a day in your house too?? Clear up all the confusion with this. haha! $17

CUTEST GLASS PITCHER If this doesn't scream lemonade, then I don't know what does! haha! Plus it's less than $20!

NAPKIN HOLDER I have one of these in my pantry and I actually use it to hold peanut butter, Nutella, honey, etc! Gives them a place to call home. hah! You could also just use it as a napkin holder. LOL

THIS SERVING BOWL Has a cute little wooden spoon to compliment it, and it SO CUTE!

TACO SERVING PLATTER  Need I say anymore?!

CHIPS AND DIP SERVING SET It's basically a charcuterie for chips and dip! I'm in!

SALSA DISH AND SPOON For all your favorite salsas!

TOWEL SET Gray and white stripe and comes in a pack of 6!

UTENSILS JAR I love having a jar by my stove to put my frequently used cooking utensils! Plus this is concrete! 

COOKBOOK HOLDER My mom has one similar to this and not only is it cute on her counter, but it's also super functional!

POTS ORGANIZER Fits in a cupboard or a drawer!

FRUIT TRAY Three Tiers and makes it so your fruit doesn't get all gross in a big bowl!

There are a BUNCH more things linked in my Amazon shop, and seriously the things you find on Amazon are basically endless! 

Anyway, if you decide to get any of these things, I'd love to see how you use them! So send me a message on INSTAGRAM to show me! 

xoxo, Sharee

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