Advent Calendar Ideas!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

50 Advent calendar ideas!

Traditional ideas
1 Read a Christmas story
2 Make gingerbread houses
3 Make elf houses out of boxes
4 Bake Christmas cookies
5 Write letters to grandparents
6 Watch a Christmas movie
7 Donate to a charity
8 Sing Christmas songs
9 Make ornaments
10 Hot cocoa night
11 Start a Christmas Puzzle
12 Snowball fight
13 Random act of kindness
14 Candlelight dinner
15 Make paper snowflakes
16 Go look at Christmas lights
17 Tell an old Christmas story (Teach the children)
18 Wear Christmas PJs to bed
19 Go on a snowy adventure
20 Christmas game night
21 Visit Santa
22 Gifts for teachers
23 Take a treat to someone
24 Bake santa cookies
25 Make and deliver neighbor gifts
26 The Day the Elf comes!
27 Christmas carol dance party
28 Go for a winter walk
29 Start a new Christmas tradition
30 Hang your stockings

Faith based Ideas
1 Act out the Nativity
2 Read the Nativity
3 Go to a Christmas church service
4 Read about the symbol of the Star
5 Talk about the symbol of the shepherds hook
6 Find out why we use certain colors at Christmas time (Red, Green, and White)
7 Fast and donate to a church or local charity
8 Learn about your heritage, did your ancestors have Christmas traditions?
9 Set Faith-based goals for the new year
10 Take an extra few minutes to pray and give thanks
11 Memorize the words to a Christmas Hymn
12 Ponder what Mary may have been feeling the night the Savior was born
13 Ponder what Joseph could have been feeling the night Jesus was born
14 How would you have felt if you were a shepherd that night?
15 Set out a small manger and put a piece of straw in for each act of service you do, try to fill it within a week
16 Sing Christmas hymns
17 Ponder the hope that the birth of the Savior gives us
18 Talk about why we put a star on top of our Christmas trees
19 Sing the song you think the Angels sand that first Christmas night

It can be hard to do all the things at Christmas time, and I feel like it's important to do what you feel is best for your family. I did a mix of tradition things, as well as faith-based things.. And some days, I combined two into one day... If you're interested in seeing how I did ours, here is the google doc link.. 

I'd love to see your Advent Calendar! Feel free to tag me so I can see it! 

xoxo,   Sharee

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