Back to School With Shein!

Friday, July 9, 2021

It's that time of year again... When we spend all the money to clothes and supply our children for school again... Let's just hope they actually GO to school this year, amiright?! Here's to hoping! 

My kids have been in uniforms for all of their education so far, and we recently made the switch to public school. Which means, BTS shopping!!! My kids are super excited.. My bank account, not so much. hahaha! 

Anyway, Maddie (my 11 yr old) recently became obsessed with Shein... and I was SO hesitant to order from there.. (you never know with these online shops, right??) We did a small-ish order at the start of summer, and I have to say.. for kids clothes, I was impressed... I'd rather not spend a ton of kids clothes because 1. they grow so fast and clothing only fits for a short time.. and 2. their style are all so different!  So even if I did like to buy pricier things, my younger kids may not even wear the hand me downs! So, take it or leave it, I opt for the less pricey clothing..

I rounded up our Shein haul here for you to check out! Who knows, your kids might like these things too!
(Also, I added in the things we got earlier this year too.)

I grouped these links in to categories so it's easier for you to find and click things

2-Piece sets




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xo, sharee 

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