Fall Frenzy

Monday, October 5, 2020

 Who was here for the Mom's March Madness?? It was SO GOOD. I LOVED seeing so many of you cleaning your house out! AND I have had several asking when we are doing it again! So, I thought to myself, why not make this a biannual thing?! Our houses can all use it, right?? Well, at least mine can....

Cue the Fall Frenzy!

Here is the calendar for the this month! We are starting Oct 5, and ending Oct 29! 

Last time some of you couldn't download or see the calendar... SO send me a message over on INSTAGRAM if you have a problems with it!

I'm already anticipating the end of this month ... Can you feel it?? A nice clean house.. right before the holidays... Feel so good, right?! Or at least it will!! I cannot even WAIT! 

SOOOO... Let's get this GOING!!

PS... I am making the deal even sweeter over on Instagram... Last time, I had SEVERAL giveaways that I did during the month, and it was so FUN! So make sure you are following along over there to see what you can win! 

*HINT* they will be weekly and a big one for the month!

Anyway, I'm so excited! Let's get this going!!

xoxo,  Sharee

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