Mom's March Madness!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Who's ready for a little March Madness??? But Mom style!! Yessss!!! Our houses are going to be SO CLEAN! Well, at least until our kids and husbands wake up each day... Haha! At least it will FEEL cleaner, right?! Woot!

Momma looooves a clean house!

Here is the Calendar! You can check back here each day for the tasks, OR you can take a minute right now and add it all to your calendar!

Here are a few tips for staying successful 
and getting it done each day!

  • Make it happen at a time that is MOST convenient for you. I like to get cleaning done first thing in the morning, but that doesn't always work for everyone.
  • Reward yourself each day for completing a task! You know.. maybe grab that yummy package of Oreos and give yourself a couple each day after you're done.
  • Post to your stories and tag me (@themomhack) so I can share and we can cheer each other on!
  • Get your friend's to do it too! Having a buddy is ALWAYS a good idea!
  • Check my stories each day for tips specific to the area we are working on that day.

I'm excited to be collaborating with Kate over at @everyhome_organizer during parts of this project! She is a pro organizer and declutterer! She will also be sharing tips in her stories so make sure you check in with her too!

Ok, now for the fun stuff!! I will be doing giveaways for those participating.

Here are the details...

GIVEAWAY!! I will be doing weekly giveaways for those participating, as well as a $50 giveaway at the end of the month! So not only do you get a nice, clean decluttered house, but you also get a chance to get a little extra cash and prizes! Here's how you enter... Follow me on Instagram (@themomhack), "Like" my March posts, Participate in Mom's March Madness (the more you participate, the more entries), and share on instagram that you are doing it!

NOTE: if you are a private account, consider going public for the month so I see your shares, OR screenshot your story after it's hbeen up for the day I can mark your entry!
It is going to feel SO GOOD when our houses are all declutted at the end of the month and I can't wait to see all your shares and do this together!!

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