DIY Hoop Art

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

This hoop art was one of my favorite DIYs to date, so I'm excited to finally get it up here on my blog! It was a huge part of making my girl's room just right and custom for them!

So without any ado, here is the DIY hoop art post, with lots of photos!!

I started with a regular embroidery hoop, like THESE you can buy on Amazon and I spray-painted it oil-rubbed bronze. You can leave them the natural wood, stain, or paint them whichever color you prefer. Allow your hoop to dry completely before you start adding anything to your hoop.

In the meantime, while your hoop is drying, you will want to gather all your florals you plan on using. I purchased mine from Michael's crafts. They go on sale all the time so do pay full-price! You're also going to want to get a hot glue gun and extra glue sticks. And a small 

After the hoops are fully dry, and your glue gun is heated, you're ready to start! 
Start with your greens. You can see in the photo below how I put 
placed the glue right along the top side of the hoop.  

Note.... you're going to want to get the greens on before the glue dries, and then hold it in place with something like a little screwdriver... if you don't the glue will burn the skin off your finger.. #trustme

Then start placing your larger florals. I wanted my hoops to be off center, so I had my greens go more up the left side of the hoop and placed my larger florals more on that side.

For the larger pieces, you're going to want to make sure you get enough glue on the hoop so that it will stay after the glue dries. The larger pieces are usually heavier, so while you are adding the necessary glue, make sure you are getting the glue onto the hoop and that it doesn't fall off.

Lastly, add a few little fillers, I added those little pink sprigs and a few tiny succulents. I made three different hoops and all the steps are the same! The only difference for the pink hoop is that I used pinks instead of greens in the beginning! 
And then Voila, you're done!

If you make these you KNOW I want to see!! So please tag me on INSTAGRAM if you post it! 

Happy crafting!!
xoxo, Sharee

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