How to Flock your Christmas Tree...

Monday, December 4, 2017

I really wanted to have a flocked Christmas tree this year, but I wanted it to look like actual snow sitting on the branches of the tree instead of white all over.  Soooo I started searching for a way to do it myself! And today I am sharing that with YOU!

Below is the before and after of my tree!
Here are the supplies you will need...

1 Christmas tree
1 package of Tree Flock- this came in the mail faster than anticipated, like 5 days faster!
1 spray bottle
A drop cloth/plastic
1 hand-held strainer (doesn't have to be that one, but similar)
Once you have all your supplies, put your drop cloth down, believe me, you'll want it... and get to work! Using your squirt bottle, filled with water, spray sections of your tree, lightly- shouldn't be soaked. As seen in this video...

After that, put some of the flock in the strainer and start shaking it all over the tree, WHILE YOU SPRAY IT, I started at the top. You can put as much or as little as you want on your tree! Watch this video to see the video my daughter took while I did ours.

After you are done flocking your tree to your hearts desire, do a little happy dance because you can now enjoy your beautiful flocked tree without having to pay A TON on money.  Seriously, I bought my tree, and flocked it for under half of what you can buy flocked tree. WIN!!
 Make sure you wait a day or two to start decorating your tree so that the flock can fully dry. Here is a close up of my flocked tree..... And a picture of my tree all decorated. 

Happy flocking! xoxo, Sharee

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