Moisturize.... but really. Do it.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Everyone who knows me really well, KNOWS that I have ridiculously dry skin... And I have heard all the solutions. Drink more water! Moisturize MORE! I have tried so MANY different face moisturizers. Obviously not alllll of them, because there are TONS. But I have tried a lot. Some of them are good, some are better. But I can honestly say, NONE of them have helped me like Milk Moisturizer.

Now, that said, I will also say that I start using this when I was using Rodan and Fields Soothe wash. The whole regimen didn't seem to work for my skin, it has worked for MILLIONS, but for whatever reason, didn't work for me. So I just used the wash, which I like because you don't have to rinse your skin after using it! You just wipe off the wash, or let it sink into your skin. (Awesome, right?!) Anyway, I would wash my face and then use the Hydration Serum, also from Rodan and Fields, and then I would moisturize using Milk. 

Then one day, I got a sample of the Milk cleanser and toner, soon to be offered by Maskcara Beauty and I thought, "Hey, I've tried everything else why not this?" So I started trying them and I did it day and night. Every day. Until I started not doing it in the morning anymore. Because, well, I wanted to eat breakfast. Annnnd, Hunger came first. hahahaha! BUT i noticed something... 

Normally, my skin would feel tight and need morning moisturizing, or it would be flaky and itchy halfway through the day. Buuuuut, I didn't feel that. (cue "Hallelujah" chorus!) My skin felt feels good all day long. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. You can imagine my enthusiasm with finally finding something that works for my skin! 

Now, that's not to say that sometimes in the morning, I don't still need to moisturize. I did this morning in fact. The important thing it to listen to your skin. Yesterday I spent some time at the pool and this morning, my skin wanted more lovin'. And with Milk I am happy to oblige. 


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