Things to do in San Diego suggested by YOU and a few from me

Saturday, June 10, 2023

 As I mentioned yesterday, my girls and I are heading to San Diego for dance nationals and while we will be busy with that a lot of the week, we are definitely going to have some down time. SO I asked all of you for suggestions and WOW you delivered!! I was just going to put it all in notes for you to screenshot on my stories, but I think this will be more beneficial for all of us. I will add to the list as we visit, and as I get more suggestions from you! Feel free to pin this or save it another way and reference it later for when you are heading that way!

I organized all the suggestions by topic, to make it easy to find. I also included a list of beach must-haves you can find on Amazon! I'll update this list as I find more awesome things too!

So, here we go.. all the fun San Diego things!

First and foremost.. 

BEACHES- because can you even say you went to San Diego if you didn't go to the beach?! Check out all the beach must haves you suggested HERE. (Amazon) Things not on Amazon that we love are OUR BEACH WAGON (Dick's Sporting goods) and Just ingredients Electrolytes. That affiliate link should give you a discount but if not use code SHAREE. By using my links, you help support me at no extra cost to you! (Thanks for that!)

  • La Jolla Cove- SO FUN. This is one of our FAVES. And also suggested by several of you! Love the surf, it’s usually calmer waves and great for young kids. Parking can be tricky though, so go early.
  • Mission Beach- This beach is hoppin! If you want to be in the middle of all the action, you want to go here! There are shops, restaurants, fun waves, and lots of entertainment! It’s also right by Belmont Park, so you an hit the beach and amusement park in the same day! One of you suggested even rent bikes and ride down the boardwalk! 
  • Ocean Beach - some of you said it's better than Mission beach
  • Imperial Beach - Most southern beach in the US. just check the status before you go, It is currently closed.
  • Seal beach- see the seals!
  • Coronado - 
  • Silverstrand beach- we have found tons of sand dollars here! - 

  • Beach - you do have to pay to park sometimes
  • La Jolla to see the seals and get super close to them! Also there is a concrete walkway near there that the waves splash really high on sometimes, super fun to watch your kids play on.
  • Picnic at Balboa park
  • Tide pools - in La Jolla or In Cabrillo National Park. The park ranger said the best time to go is Dec-Feb. She said you’ll see lots of wildlife, and even whales migrating if you’re lucky! (there is a $20/car fee for the National Park though)
  • Point Loma Lighthouse (In Cabrillo Park ($20/car into national park)
  • Balboa park - there are things to do in there that cost money BUT just to go and enjoy the grounds and scenery is free!
  • Mormon Battalion Historic Site - super fun! There are cute ‘old time’ things for the kids to experience.
  • Old Town 
  • Torrey pines state nature reserve (Parking costs $) - hiking! Amazing views! Would be an incredible sunset hike. But. The park closes at 8pm, and you have to be out, so be aware of that if you’re going for the sunset. My girls and I did a couple little hikes, and then packed a picnic dinner and ate down at the beach. The beach there is full of soft round rocks, super fun to practice your rock skipping skills.
  • Sunset cliffs
  • Spruce Street Suspension Bridge - so cool! The bridge sways in the middle which is a scary feeling the first time across. It goes from one neighborhood to another. There isn’t much else around, so it’ll likely be a quick little outing, but if you just have an hour to kill, it’s a great choice! Wile you are over that way, grab some Handel’s Ice cream. It’s so good.
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Safari Park
  • Legoland- better with younger kids
  • Belmont Park
  • Birch aquarium
  • Tour the USS Midway
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Seaworld
  • Fleet Science Museum
  • Cabrillo National Park - $20/car but once you're in everything else is free.
  • Make a Splash with a seal - seal tour by boat or car
  • Baked Bear - in Pacific beach
  • The Mission
  • Snooze for breakfast
  • Hodads - get a burger!
  • Ans Dry cleaning- ice cream shop
  • Fortunate Sons Chinese
  • Colimas- get a burrito!
  • Cali cream ice cream
  • Seaport village 
  • Coronado Island
  • Old town
  • Gaslamp quarter
  • shops along all the beaches!

  • Balboa Park
  • Glider Park
  • Coronado Island- You can rent bikes and bikes all over! Lots of fun restaurants, shops, and things to see! Stay to watch the sunset, it's AMAZING. 
  • Old Town - Historical sites, food, shopping, and lots to explore!
  • Downtown and Gaslamp Quarter- victorian and modern architecture! Shopping, dining, and experiences! 
  • Seaport village- shopping, live events, right by a marina, and great views San Diego Bay. 
I think that is all for now, but Like I said, I will 100% update as I experience and visit these places! And as you suggest more! 

Happy travels!

xx, Sharee

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