Magnolia trip... Part 1

Thursday, July 25, 2019

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People keep asking if Court and I had fun in Waco and I keep saying, I had enough fun for the both of us! hahahaha! But really though... it's TRUE. He probably liked it a little bit... I think...

Anyway... there are actually a lot of things to do in Waco outside of Magnolia and I'm excited to share all of the things, but I am going break it up into two posts so that this is not the LONGEST BLOG POST EVER. We actually had one of the employees at Magnolia tell us a bunch of things to do!! (It was our cashier and she talked to us for like 10 minutes after she was done checking us out! sorry, not sorry to the people behind us in line............. I didn't even ask her to do it! She just did! But I definitely wasn't complaining...)

       Sooooo without further ado...         

First and foremost...

GO TO MAGNOLIA. Basically, every home decor lover's mecca. This isn't one of those save-the-best-for-last trips... You're going to want to go there first so that you can spend all the time you want (ahem.. need) there. We went right before the fourth of July, and it was NOT very busy. We had heard that there could be lines for hours, and surprisingly, the longest line we waited in was about 20 minutes. SCORE! We also went right after the bakery's birthday event so I think it was a little slower because of that.

The Market.... Plan enough time to look at all the things, and take lots of photos. Soak in all the inspiration! There is an upstairs and a downstairs, and downstairs has a place for sale items. We were in there for about an hour, but I easily could have spent twice or three times that. Side note: you can also buy things at all the other Magnolia places, so pace yourself.

The Silos Bakery.... So. Good. You will need to stop here and buy some delicious bakes goods, and canned water. Side note: I am still reusing my Magnolia canned water bottle. Soooo think of it like a souvenir! I didn't know what to expect when we got a few things at the bakery... I kind of expected the Nutty Cinnamon Roll to be dry and hard. (just being real!) But it was NOT dry. It was surprisingly moist and the perfect amount of glaze and cinnamon. I am no food critic, but I know when something tastes good! Its definitely worth waiting in line. Plus the details of the inside of the bakery... so cute.

The Garden shop... I didn't realize that there was a garden SHOP! I knew they had their garden and all the pretty flowers, but I didn't know there were things I could buy in that little building! Seeds, gardening tools, aprons, pots, etc! Just being in that building made me feel like I could plant something and it would survive- despite what the plants on my front porch looks like............

Pro tip.... As you walk around, take pics of all the things you like, and then check online to see if it's on sale. There was a blanket that I needed to buy, but could not let myself spend full price... so I didn't buy it, then later that day, I got an email about there being an online sale PLUS an extra 20% off, you better believe I went online and bought it then! Plus then it ships right to your house and you don't have to buy extra luggage to get all the goodies home!

Shop on Bosque... I didn't take a single photo of this shop! So you'll just have to trust me that is the cutest little shop and you'll NEED to go there to snag a few deals! This is the first shop that Joanna Gaines opened and where she and Chip started their empire. You'll have to read The Magnolia Story to get the rest of the story!

Magnolia table... Eat Here. At least once. We went one day for lunch and one day for breakfast... Let me tell you, eating there for lunch was a little cheaper than for breakfast, but for breakfast you get a TON of food. Lunch portions are also sufficient. The point is, do not miss this when you come! You'll stand in a line to get to the hostess and she will give you an estimated time for when you will be seated. The first time Court and I went, our time was an hour and a half. So we left and got some cookies from Milk Bottle Cookies while we waited. ( you also NEED cookies from Makenzie, so look her up and get some while you are in Waco. And don't worry about becoming addicted... she ships her cookies!!) They will send you a text message when your table is ready, and you will have 7 minutes to get back and claim your table! We actually only had to wait about 45 minutes the first day for our table, and we didn't have to wait at all the second day when we went for breakfast.

If you are only going to be in Waco for one day, then plan to spend all your time doing the Magnolia things. Take your time, and enjoy it!

Have you taken a Magnolia trip? Are you taking a Magnolia trip there soon? I would love to hear about it! Comment below and tell me! And make sure you pin this on Pinterest and share this with any friends taking a Magnolia trip!

xoxo, Sharee

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