14 reasons I LOVE being a Maskcara artist and YOU WILL TOO

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Ok so, almost a year ago, I started one of the BEST journeys of my LIFE! I know, it sounds so cliche... Join my direct sales company... It has changed my life and it will change yours! (Believe me, I have thought the SAME thing.) But I think it's safe to say that when you join a sisterhood, it changes lives. And when you have someone like Cara Brooks as the CEO, incredible things are just going to happen!

Ok, so I will get to the point... There are SO many things that I LOVE about being a Maskcara artist. And I have laid out the BEST things about it right here, for you! Read on girlfriend! And you MIGHT just find something that you didn't know was missing in your life!

1. One time start up Fee! There is no yearly membership fee to keep your business going! There is a $9.95/month website upkeep fee, but honestly, I haven't even noticed that. AND it's only $9.95!!

2. No keeping inventory! Maskcara takes care of all the shipping and packaging!!! I don't know about you, but I don't even have room for that in my house, not to mention if one of my four kids got into all the inventory.... 😌

3. Team support! My friend Brittany and I run our team together and when you join our team, you get exclusive access to things that only WE offer! Including exclusive training, social media content, and more!

4. Work from where ever you want! When your work is online, that's just how it goes! Woot!

5. Help women feel beautiful... Words can't describe how it feels when you watch someone's face light up when they see their face when you put makeup on that actually accentuates their amazing features instead of covering up who they are!

6. Make new friends! There are about 5000 artists in the company right now. And this business is all about community, not competition. It's about making friends and helping each other succeed!

7. Weekly webinars with Cara, our founder, and other TOP leaders in the company! These consist of training, recognition, and getting to know other artists.

8. A direct sales company that actually LISTENS to the suggestions of their "employees". Mic drop, right there!

9. An INCREDIBLE customer service team! They get back to you in a quick and timely manner, and give answers to questions! So helpful and my customers have ALWAYS been happy with their service.

10. A HUGE resource of product photos and videos, and free access to all of it when you sign up. BUT you are also free to create your own content! Let those creativity juices FLOW!

11. Inspiration to make your business a LASTING business. Do what you love HOW you want to do it! Grow how you want to grow! If you want to create a beauty niche, and sell Maskcara and show your other favorite products, DO IT! I LOVE home decor, and I love beauty, so I do both!

12. Family friendly!!!! When some of my other direct sales friends from other companies would tell me how much time their business was taking away from their family, it made me so sad. My family is my priority, and they need to come first, in my life, definitely before my business. At our Launch party, Cara had her kids even on stage with her for part of it!!

14. We are educated! Cara is always trying to give us all the information she can! I never feel like I don't know things that I need to know!

13. We have FUN! Not only do we receive training and education, we also laugh, we tell stories, we play games! It's SO FUN!!!

14. The PRODUCTS!!! You guys, when every single product basically puts everything you have known about makeup onto the back burner, you KNOW you that company something special. Maskcara doesn't come out with anything until it is the BEST.

PS I also LOVE that we don't have monthly minimums! There is an amount that you have to sell to be "active" but, if you aren't active, there is no penalty. The only time it would affect you is if you had a downline, you must be "active" to receive downline commisions.

I could go onnnnn and ooooon about Maskcara Beauty and how AMAZING it is! But I don't want to spoil all the fun for you when you join! Seriously, get in here GORGEOUS!! Let change the world, one face at a time!

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