DIY backyard String lights in 5 steps!

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

When I tell you I've wanted patio string lights in my back yard for YEARS.. And you guys.. I finally made it happen this year to my patio! There's just something magical about a string of lights strung above your head! In this post, I'll share the method I think would be the easiest for anyone wanting to do this as well! And that's not even the best part!! The best part is, you can do this anywhere you can dig a hole and you have power! AND you can make it happen in 5 easy steps!!!

1. Dig a hole.

2. Screw hooks into place near the top of your posts. I used THESE POSTS, and THESE HOOKS.

3. Set your post in the hole and Pour concrete around it. Stabilize the post so it stays level. 
PS you want your concrete to have a pancake consistency when you pour in the hole. 
Make sure your hooks are facing the right way!!

4. After the concrete dries, secure the posts in the concrete with metal brackets.

5. String lights! I USED THESE. Plug in and voila!! Magical string lights!
Ok, but what's better than string lights, you ask? How about string lights on a SCHEDULE!! I partnered with Lutron Electronics to share how Caséta by Lutron can help you around your home! I added the Caséta outdoor smart plug, synced it with our Caséta Smart Bridge, so that I could put these lights on a schedule through the app! So now, when the sun starts to go down here, our string lights turn on! And then when we are settling in for bed, they turn off. HOW CONVENIENT IS THAT?! I don't even have to think about it!! Click the words in this sentence to go to the LUtron website to find more info! 

if you were following along on the 'gram, you know I did things a little differently than I described.. But.. trust me.. the way above would be easier.. I've linked the quick overview Reel on the 'gram HERE if you want to see.

And as always I want to see the creations you make so if you want to share, send me pics or tag me! 
Until next time, happy creating!!

xo, Sharee

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