The 5 Best Paint Tips- you're going to want to know!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Things are moving right along with the loft project!! Have you been taking my polls and taking a guess at what all my packages are over on my Instagram stories??

It's been so fun following along with so many of the designers for the One Room Challenge!!  Click HERE to go check them out and prepare to go down a creativity rabbit hole!

For me, This week was alllll about paint!! Now, I have painted my fair share of rooms... See, this is how it works at my house.... I design a project, Court and I build it, and then, the rest of the job is mine to finish!

Soooo painting a room... not too hard right? it's just paint?? Well, there are a few things that can help your painting go a little faster and look a little better and I compiled five of my best tips that I have learned over the years here for you! Trail and error is a great teacher, right?! hahah! Learn from my mistakes! My 5 best painting tips for you in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1......

1- Tape and plastic. You're not going to want to get paint on your floor, which if you're me then that will inevitably happen! So, little tip for ya, tape the floor first, and then tape the plastic to that tape. It will stick better and have less lift as you're walking on your plasticed (that's definitely a word) floor. See the photos below for that step by step. Also, I like to double up the plastic layers by not unfolding it all the way. That way, you're less likely to put holes in your plastic.

2. Brushes and rollers. For years, I used the big rollers thinking, it's bigger, I'll get done faster.... Then Court blew all my thoughts and beliefs outta the water, one time, by bringing home a weenie roller. We raced painting a wall one time and, HE WON. That tiny little thing beat my big trusty roller.. So, I gave it a try and I'll never go back. Also, get yourself a nice paint brush. I like the Purdy brand, but you can find several good ones at your hardware store. If you go cheap, your paint won't go on as smooth, AND you'll end up with paint brush bristles on your wall. See the video to the side for size reference. Also, grab one of those weenie roller paint trays.
Now, on to the much anticipated painting part! Yay!! 
Dump your paint into your tray, and let's get started!!

NOTE: Make sure that you are not using too much paint on your brush. It used to be that I would get more paint on my brush to try to make the paint go farther before I had to dip it into paint again, and almost everytime, my paint would run and drip and that is a PAIN IN THE BUTT to fix later. So just trust me on that one.

3. Cutting. Grab your brush and cut (fancy paint word for, well, paint) in your corners and along your floor first! Then smooth it out with your roller. When your painting wall features, such as board and batten, then you'll have a lot more to cut. Be aware of how much paint is getting on the boards, and catch any drips with your brush. It will end up looking similar to the photo on the right when you're done. 

4. Rolling, rolling, rolling. I purposely put too much paint on my roll in this video so you can see how goopy it is when that happens. I also got paint all over me because of paint flinging off my roller, hahaha! (I wouldn't suggest trying that at home!) This is a great time to have your kids help, if you have them! Mine LOVE using the rollers! Just make sure you are aware of any paint drips that may happen while you have helpers.

5. Paint runs and drips. Paint and brushes kind of have a mind of their own when it comes to painting corners and crannies. Keep your eyes peeled for any paint sneaking around corners and lingering in corners leaving runs and drips. If you are painting a wall feature such as board and batten, you have to watch all those boards. Keep your brush handy to catch any drips, and it may be a good idea to paint the boards first then the wall and lightly roll your brush on the boards again after you paint your wall to catch any that you miss. If you do get drip and runs, wait for that coat of paint to dry and then sand it down and paint again.

Repeat as many times as you may need to until your areas covered completely.

And that's it! Enjoy your paint project!! 
And until next time, I'll see you over on the 'gram!

Happy painting! xoxo, Sharee

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