Five ways to show yourself YOU are worth it!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Being a mom is SOO time consuming. 24/7 right?? But did you know that if you take a little time for yourself, there will be more of you to give to the tiny humans that consume your every waking minute?! Here are five simple tips for any mom that can help you fill up your cup a little, make you feel better about yourself, and even be more productive!  

Get ready every day. This might not seem like it's a big deal, believe me, I HAVE BEEN THERE. You wake up, just hanging around the house with nothing really to do besides laundry and pick up toys.... The last thing you think you want is to get ready, but I can tell you, you will feel better if you take those few minutes to get ready. I recently did a poll on my Instagram stories that was very interesting! I asked my followers how often they got ready, and from those that answered, 90% of them said they feel better and are MORE PRODUCTIVE and SPONTANEOUS when they get ready for the day! What a difference those 10 minutes can make in your entire day!! Start small if you have to. Put on jeans and lip gloss instead of staying in PJs all day. Even if you don't have anywhere to go. I found a makeup product that I LOVE that makes getting ready so quick, like full face done in 10 minutes. Woot! Click HERE to check out the makeup and send me an email HERE if you want help with a choosing colors.

Exercise. And find a buddy to do it with.... You will feel better and stay motivated if you have someone to torture yourself, I mean exercise, with. Ahem. I am not the best at exercising daily, but I can tell you, the days i exercise, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!! And if that's the only thing you do in day besides keep the children fed, clean (ish), and alive, then call that day a WIN!

Spend some money on yourself. Do I really need to go any further with this? You work REALLY hard, and you deserve more than just a half eaten cheerio for a reward.. It's OK to buy yourself something new. Go to Target, or Home Goods, or the thrift store and allow yourself to indulge in something for yourself. I'm not saying go all Rebecca Bloomwood on your credit cards, but spending a few dollars here and there should be fine! If you need to, work an allowance for yourself into your budget.

Find a hobby. Ok, repeat after me... "My kids are not my hobby." Did you say it? Let's try this again... "My kids are not my HOBBY!" Our children are a HUGE part of our lives, and they should be! But playing barbies, or cars for hours on end are not going to fulfill your needs, no matter how much you tell yourself it is.... Read a book. Do a craft. Decorate a room. Develop a skill. Believe me, this will give you a different type of fulfillment and, guess what, after you will your own cup a little, you will have more to give to your kids! AND listen, your kids will probably be fine while you do your hobby.

Find mom friends! Not the kind that will judge you from developing a talent, putting on pants, or how you choose to raise your children. Find some mom friends that will laugh with you at all the dumb things your kids do or that YOU do, and you laugh with them. Friends that will swap parenting advice without thinking you're an idiot for not taking their advice. Friends that you can unwind with, cry with, and ignore your kids with. I promise, the kids will be fine. Remember how many times we saw our mom when we were young? That's right, not very often. Unless we were hungry, hurt, dirty, or it was bedtime, our mom was developing talents, and hanging with her mom friends! And that is OK. Kids need to have freedom to grow and develop as a kid. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, be the friend that you want! 

These five things, seem SO SIMPLE. But I promise, they will make a HUGE difference in how you feel, and act. In a good way! You are a GREAT MOM and you deserve to feel like it! Say it with me now, I DESERVE THIS! 

Thanks for being here!
xx, Sharee

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